Ballot and comments from AP Pro 32 panel voter Pat Kirwan of SiriusXM
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Week 10


1. Atlanta Falcons — The only undefeated team in the NFL has played
well on both sides of the ball and doesn't panic when things are going

2. Chicago Bears — The defense is going to break the record for
scoring and Cutler to Marshall is on fire. I do worry about the pass
protection with 14 sacks in the last three weeks.

3. Houston Texans — The Texans dominate teams but now hit the road to
face the Bears. It will be interesting to see how they respond to
adversity which they rarely see except for the Packer game.

4. Denver Broncos — The Manning offense is getting better each week
and the defense is right behind the offense. When they force an
opponent into a one dimensional pass attack Elvis Dumervil and Von
Miller look like Dwight Freeney and Robert Mathis in their prime.

5. San Francisco 49ers — The Niners have been on a bye but not
forgotten. They will climb right back in the top three in the next
week or two.

6. New York Giants — Last year they went on a four-game losing streak
in November which I do not think will happen again this year. They do
need to get their linebackers healthy and some receivers not named
Cruz have to step up.

7. New England Patriots — The bye was good for all the young players
to get more work especially on the defense. Traded for the troubled
but talented Aqib Talib. Tom Brady gets some of his weapons back and
the offense is at home for the next two weeks. The Patriots have
scored 180 points in the last five games.

8. Pittsburgh Steelers — The running game is alive no matter who the
running back is, the short passing game is effective and the defense
is back on top. The Steelers climb the rankings over the next few

9. Baltimore Ravens — The defense is in an adjustment period with the
injuries but the offense needs to do more and take the lead. The run
game will be there but the passing game needs to be more productive to
hold the division lead.

10. Seattle Seahawks — Close to impossible to beat at home and there
are still four home games starting this week with the Jets coming to
town. Russell Wilson has thrown five touchdown passes in the last two

11. Green Bay Packers — It doesn't matter what Packer receivers are
available, Aaron Rodgers will throw touchdown passes. The defense
continues to incur injuries which now includes Clay Matthews. The
defense faces Stafford, and Eli Manning in the next two weeks.

12. Tampa Bay Buccaneers — Coach Schiano has built attitude into this
team and they are a tough out. Doug Martin is quickly becoming an
elite RB and Josh Freeman is back to 2010 form. The problems are on
defense, which gave up over 400 yards passing to the Raiders, The next
four QBs they face are Rivers, Newton, Ryan and Peyton.

13. Indianapolis Colts — The whole country is pulling for coach Pagano
and the team is playing with great focus. Andrew Luck already looks
like Peyton Manning. Watch out for the Colts.

14. Detroit Lions — The Lion offense is back on track and the presence
of running back Mikel Leshoure gives them some balance. The defense
has injury issues and probably need to be supported by more scoring
from the offense.

15. Minnesota Vikings — Christian Ponder is struggling and unless he
improves quickly the two game losing streak will grow no matter how
many yards AP runs for each week.

16. Miami Dolphins — Ryan Tannehill's game against the Colts last week
was overshadowed by Andrew Luck's record breaking performance. Miami
is a tough out and has two winnable games coming up.

17. San Diego Chargers — The Chargers are 4-2 in the conference and
3-1 in the division. As bad as they have looked at times they are one
game behind the Broncos.

18. New Orleans Saints — A big win over the Eagles and a defense that
got seven sacks makes the Saints look like a team that can make it to
the playoffs. We'll find out this week with the undefeated Falcons
coming to the Big Easy.

19. Dallas Cowboys — It's tough to figure out the Cowboys. At times
they look overrated and the season is slipping away. I'm not sure they
can rally the players and get on a run. They do face the Eagles this
week who have their own issues.

20. Washington Redskins — After a fast start RG3 is dealing with
defenses that have a plan for him. In the three-game losing streak the
Skins are on, RG3 has been sacked eight times. The bye comes at a
critical time for this team.

21. Cincinnati Bengals — Andy Dalton is in the middle of a sophomore
slump and a four-game losing streak. The five sacks last week were as
troubling as the interceptions. The defense is giving up 27 points a
game in the losing streak and it doesn't get any easier with the
Giants coming to town.

22. Philadelphia Eagles — What a mess in Philly! The defensive
coordinator, Juan Castillo, was the fall guy for a team that has a lot
more problems on offense with turnovers.

23. New York Jets — The running game has some life in it right now
which helps stabilize the situation but are 1-4 in last five games and
head to Seattle this week.

24. Arizona Cardinals — The Cardinals only gave up two sacks last
week, which for them is an achievement. They are on a bye this week
and that's a good thing for the Arizona quarterbacks. A five-game
losing streak after a four-game winning streak to start the season is
a hard pill to swallow.

25. Tennessee Titans — Matt Hasselbeck has now lost two in a row and
Jake Locker was cleared to practice so expect the second year QB back
on the field. It is looking less and less like this team will be a
wild card team.

26. Oakland Raiders — Palmer threw for over 400 yards last week and he
may have to do it every week if McFadden can't go or be 100 per cent.
The Raider defense doesn't look like they can stop the run after
rookie Doug Martin dropped 251 on them, and now they face Ray Rice.

27. Carolina Panthers — A much needed win over the Redskins stopped
the bleeding at least for a week. A team without a GM will struggle
the rest of the season. Peyton Manning is coming to town this week and
the former Panthers coach John Fox.

28. Buffalo Bills — GM Buddy Nix said he doesn't want to leave Buffalo
without securing a franchise QB. That says it all in western New York.

29. St. Louis Rams — Jeff Fisher is turning things around, but it is
going to take time. Getting Danny Amendola back is very important.
Since 2010 when Amendola plays the Rams are 10-12.

30. Cleveland Browns — No one can say this team doesn't compete. They
play for 60 minutes every week but are simply too young to win a lot
of games. They are on a bye this week and hopefully come back and get
two or three more wins.

31. Jacksonville Jaguars — Without MJD, the Jags don't have much of a
chance but they do play the Colts this week and did beat them earlier
this season for their only win.

32. Kansas City Chiefs — Romeo Crennel told me he stepped down as
defensive coordinator to be more visible to the offense and special
teams. At this point, the Chiefs need to try anything to turn their
fortunes around. Right now they are headed to the first pick in the
draft, which isn't all bad.