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As Voted by Tony Dungy

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(###) Number of first place votes
RankTeamRecordPointsPV Rank
1New England Patriots (12)14-23841
2Dallas Cowboys13-33712
3Pittsburgh Steelers11-53306
4Atlanta Falcons11-53445
5Kansas City Chiefs12-43543
6Green Bay Packers10-63228
7New York Giants11-53227
8Seattle Seahawks10-5-13099
9Oakland Raiders12-42824
10Detroit Lions9-726811
11Miami Dolphins10-627110
12Denver Broncos9-723715
13Tampa Bay Buccaneers9-722016
14Baltimore Ravens8-820412
15Houston Texans9-723912
16Tennessee Titans9-721317
17Indianapolis Colts8-817018
18Washington Redskins8-7-120814
19Carolina Panthers6-1011623
20New Orleans Saints7-915319
21Arizona Cardinals7-8-116521
22Buffalo Bills7-912620
23Philadelphia Eagles7-912424
24Minnesota Vikings8-816022
25Cincinnati Bengals6-9-110725
26San Diego Chargers5-118226
27New York Jets5-117328
28Jacksonville Jaguars3-135327
29Los Angeles Rams4-124330
30Chicago Bears3-134829
31San Francisco 49ers2-142431
32Cleveland Browns1-151432

Tony Dungy

The Super Bowl-winning head coach whose teams made the playoffs each of his last 10 seasons, unprecedented in his era, joined NBC's Emmy-nominated studio show Football Night as an analyst in 2009.

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Poll Methodology

The AP Pro32 is determined by a simple points system based on how each voter ranks the NFL's 32 teams. A team receives 32 points for each first place vote, 31 for second place and so on through to the 32nd team, which receives one point. The rankings are set by listing the teams' point totals from highest to lowest. The mathematical formula is the same as the one used for the AP Top 25 rankings for college football, men's basketball and women's basketball.

History of the Poll

The Associated Press began the AP Pro32 NFL power rankings in 2012. A national panel of 12 voters will participate in the selection process this year. Each voter is among the 50 sports writers and broadcasters who choose the NFL's individual awards at the end of the season. All of the voters have an extensive background in covering the NFL. Some of them — Tony Dungy and Herm Edwards — played and coached in the league. Others — Jim Miller — played in the league. Each week beginning on Sept. 3, AP Pro32 will be updated and comments from some of the voters will be included in a story that accompanies the latest team rankings. In addition, a link to the pro32.ap.org/poll will be included at the bottom of AP stories throughout the preseason and regular season.