NEW YORK (AP) — Comments on the San Francisco 49ers by the AP Pro32
panel (ranking in parentheses):



Chris Berman (ESPN, 4) — Kaepernick was bound to be human.

Clifton Brown (Sporting News, 2) — The quarterback saga will make
their stretch run interesting.

Cris Collinsworth (NBC Sports, 5)

Rich Gannon (CBS Sports/SiriusXM NFL Radio, 6) — Very curious to see
if the QB situation becomes a problem for this team down the stretch.

Bob Glauber (Newsday, 5) — Colin Kaepernick looked like a championship
quarterback when he first filled in for Alex Smith. Now he's looking
like an uncertain second-year quarterback going through the usual NFL
growing pains. Jim Harbaugh gives him another week as the starter,
though, hoping Kaepernick has better luck against the Dolphins at

Rick Gosselin (Dallas Morning News, 5) — The 49ers are 0-1-1 against
the lowly Rams and 8-2 against everyone else.

Clark Judge (, 5) — Jim Harbaugh just announced he'll
start the next game at quarterback.

Ira Kaufman (Tampa Tribune, 5) — Anytime Frank Gore is contained, this
offense struggles.

Pat Kirwan (SiriusXM NFL Radio/, 6) — The Kaepernick
experiment continues and as I said last week there is risk involved.
Flashing great skills is one thing, winning tough games is another

John Lynch (Fox Sports, 5) — A bold move by Harbaugh to stick with
Kaepernick at QB backfired against the Rams.

Alex Marvez (, 5) — What is it with the St. Louis Rams?
The 49ers are 0-1-1 against that mediocre franchise and 8-2 versus the
rest of the league.

Dan Pompei (Chicago Tribune, 6) — Alex Smith is advised to keep his
arm loose.