NEWS OF THE DAY: Beyonce tackled questions about her performance at President Barack Obama's inauguration head on, opening her news conference with a spine-tingling rendition of the national anthem. "Any questions?" The superstar acknowledged singing along to a pre-recorded track at the inauguration, saying she hadn't had enough time to rehearse and didn't want to risk spoiling the occasion, but promised to sing live in Sunday's halftime show. "This is what I was born to do," she said.

QUOTE THE RAVENS: "You lose the Super Bowl, and you're in second place; you're a loser. You get roped off, and the other team is out there celebrating. You get totally forgotten about. You'll just be known as the people who lost in the Super Bowl." — Ray Rice.

QUOTE THE 49ERS: "That's not what I feel in my heart." — Chris Culliver.

SUPER HISTORY: On Jan. 31 1999, Denver won its second straight Super Bowl, beating the Atlanta Falcons 34-19 in the final game of Broncos quarterback John Elway's career.

NEXT TWO SUPER SITE TEMPS: New Orleans (58 degrees, partly cloudy); East Rutherford, N.J. (40 degrees, partly cloudy, windy).

LOOKING AHEAD: NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell holds court with his State of the NFL address Friday followed by a Q&A with reporters. Questions are assured on topics such as the Saints bounty scandal, player safety and the future of the league.

BRAGGING RIGHTS: "I think we are our biggest concern. Nobody can beat us, but ourselves. That is a bold statement, but I feel like that is how I feel." — 49ers wide receiver Michael Crabtree.

TWEET OF THE DAY: "U shouldn't ask if u don't wanna hear or like the truth!(hash)dealwitit" — 49ers wide receiver Randy Moss ((at)RandyMoss).

FACTOID: Holy guacamole! Americans are expected to consume 79 million pounds of avocados during Super Bowl parties and festivities. That works out to about 158 million avocados.

SUPER TALK: "I would be lying if I didn't say that I feel like the first one is half mine. I'm 52. I don't want to be 62, saying it's been 22 years since our Super Bowl." — Ravens owner Steve Bisciotti, who gained majority ownership from Art Modell in 2004, three years after the Ravens won their only Super Bowl.


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