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Patriots increase lead atop AP Pro32 NFL power rankings

NEW YORK (AP) — The New England Patriots are running away from Green Bay and the rest of the pack in the AP's latest Pro32 NFL power rankings.

After another dominating win, this one over the injury-depleted Dallas Cowboys, the Patriots (4-0) received nine first-place votes and 381 points in balloting by the 12 media members who regularly cover the league. The Packers (5-0) remain second with three-first place votes and 373 points.

Last week, New England had a 7-5 edge in first-place votes. The two voters who changed have their reasons.

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Raiders using bye week to fix running game

ALAMEDA, Calif. (AP) — Oakland Raiders coach Jack Del Rio plans to have his team spend part of the bye week trying to figure out how to fix a running game that was supposed to be a focal point of its offense.

The Raiders are averaging 90 yards a game on the ground — sixth-lowest in the NFL — and have topped the 100-yard mark as a team just once.

The AP Pro32

Poll Release: Oct 13
(###) Number of first place votes
RankteamRecordPointsPV Rank
1New England Patriots (9)4-03811
2Green Bay Packers (3)5-03732
3Cincinnati Bengals5-03605
4Denver Broncos5-03433
5Atlanta Falcons5-03334
6Arizona Cardinals4-13257
7Carolina Panthers4-03216
8New York Jets3-12959
9Pittsburgh Steelers3-226811
10Seattle Seahawks2-32638
10New York Giants3-226312
12Indianapolis Colts3-225317
13Buffalo Bills3-224814
14Minnesota Vikings2-223413
15St. Louis Rams2-320910
16San Diego Chargers2-320216
17Philadelphia Eagles2-319922
18Dallas Cowboys2-317915
19Oakland Raiders2-315919
20Chicago Bears2-314826
21Washington Redskins2-314721
22Cleveland Browns2-313925
23Baltimore Ravens1-411118
24Kansas City Chiefs1-49720
25Tennessee Titans1-39623
26Tampa Bay Buccaneers2-38932
27New Orleans Saints1-46824
28San Francisco 49ers1-45931
29Houston Texans1-45228
30Miami Dolphins1-34529
31Detroit Lions0-54327
32Jacksonville Jaguars1-42630