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Jalen Robinette

Jalen Robinette both a cadet and NFL hopeful

CENTENNIAL, Colo. (AP) — Except for the few who already have donned cap and gown, most of the 330 prospects heading to the NFL Combine next week have put their pursuits of a college degree on hold so they can focus on their football futures.

They've traded campus life for high-tech gyms where they're trimming milliseconds off their 40-yard dashes and three-cone drills and facing mock interviews to prepare for the grilling from general managers in Indianapolis. Then, they retreat to their condos to rest, relax and recuperate while wolfing down meals managed to the calorie through meal services arranged by their agents.

Not Jalen Robinette.

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Pats' Brady does face-plant while skiing

Turns out Tom Brady is better at throwing touchdown passes than landing a jump on skis.

Big surprise there.

The Patriots quarterback posted a video of himself on Instagram doing a face-plant after taking a small jump while on a recent skiing vacation. He even quoted a South Park episode, showing he took the spill with a sense of humor.



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