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McCarthy: Packers' Rodgers to have surgery on collarbone

GREEN BAY, Wis. (AP) — The sullen expression that Aaron Rodgers had on his face while being carted back to the locker room at Minnesota proved to be a precursor to the diagnosis that no one on the Green Bay Packers wanted to hear.

Coach Mike McCarthy knew pretty quickly that this was one injury that the two-time NFL MVP could not shake off.

McCarthy said that Rodgers will have surgery on his broken right collarbone. The rest of Rodgers' season is in jeopardy.

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RankteamRecordPointsPV Rank
1Kansas City Chiefs (12)5-03841
2Green Bay Packers4-13702
3Philadelphia Eagles4-13417
4Atlanta Falcons3-13404
5Carolina Panthers4-13379
6Denver Broncos3-13295
7New England Patriots3-23208
8Seattle Seahawks3-229114
9Detroit Lions3-22746
10Pittsburgh Steelers3-22613
11Los Angeles Rams3-224510
12Minnesota Vikings3-224318
13Jacksonville Jaguars3-223623
14Buffalo Bills3-223011
15Washington Redskins2-220715
16Dallas Cowboys2-319913
17Baltimore Ravens3-219321
18Houston Texans2-319112
19Tampa Bay Buccaneers2-217917
20Oakland Raiders2-316116
21New Orleans Saints2-214820
22New York Jets3-214624
23Cincinnati Bengals2-313025
24Tennessee Titans2-312119
25Miami Dolphins2-210826
26Arizona Cardinals2-38722
27Indianapolis Colts2-37230
28Los Angeles Chargers1-46329
29Chicago Bears1-45227
30New York Giants0-53428
31San Francisco 49ers0-53131
32Cleveland Browns0-51332



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