Ballot and comments from AP Pro 32 panel voter Clark Judge of

Week 17


1. Denver Broncos — I'm not sure what happened last: A Denver loss or
peace in the Middle East.

2. Atlanta Falcons — Everything now is just a dress rehearsal for what
really matters: A playoff victory for Matt Ryan and Mike Smith.

3. Green Bay Packers — Suddenly, the Packers have a new legion of
Cheeseheads: Bears' fans who want them to beat Minnesota.

4. New England Patriots — Yes, the Patriots are hard to figure out,
but this isn't: They're always a Super Bowl factor as long as Tom
Brady is healthy.

5. San Francisco 49ers — Consider that waxing in Seattle a wake-up
call; or, maybe it was just Pete Carroll's way of honking his own

6. Seattle Seahawks — Good thing for the rest of the NFC these guys
don't draw a home game.

7. Houston Texans — I guess last week's loss told us why Gary Kubiak
won't rest his starters this weekend: BECAUSE HE NEEDS HOMEFIELD

8. Washington Redskins — The Redskins just solved the Physical Cliff;
RG3 is "completely recovered" from his knee injury.

9. Baltimore Ravens — The Ravens are tough to figure out. They lose
three straight; then they hammer the Giants. All I know is they're
going to the playoffs where they win at least once under John

10. Minnesota Vikings — With all the attention given Adrian Peterson,
we've forgotten something: How about some love for Leslie Frazier, a
bona fide Coach of the Year candidate?

11. Indianapolis Colts — This story just keeps getting better. First,
the Colts make the playoffs. Now Chuck Pagano is back. Yes, Indiana,
there is a Santa Claus.

12. Cincinnati Bengals — Go ahead and knock Marvin Lewis. All I know
is that in two seasons with Andy Dalton he reached the playoffs twice
... and this time he got there the hard way: Through Pittsburgh.

13. Dallas Cowboys — Tony Romo was right. If these guys are within
10-14 points of opponents entering the fourth quarter they'll come
back ... and they just proved it.

14. Chicago Bears — All together now: Let's go Pack! Let's go Pack!

15. New Orleans Saints — Finally, mercifully, the season is about to
come to a close for the Saints. It was an unforgettable experience,
and, no, that's not a good thing.

16. New York Giants — Talk about hitting a wall: Once these guys
looked like a lock to win the division; now, they look like a lock to
miss the playoffs. Never have so many promised so much, yet delivered
so little.

17. St. Louis Rams — Now I know what those ads mean when they talk
about "Ram Tough."

18. Miami Dolphins — The second-best team in the AFC East? You're
looking at it, folks.

19. Pittsburgh Steelers — 'Tis not the season to be jolly in
Pittsburgh. Five losses in six games keep the coal industry in

20. Carolina Panthers — Cam Newton is playing some of the best
football of his career, so he goes and spoils it by bumping a ref? One
of these days someone must force this guy to grow up.

21. Tampa Bay Buccaneers — The way these guys are playing, they may
send them all back to college.

22. San Diego Chargers — Another late-season rush by Norv Turner ...
only this time it's about a month-and-a-half too late.

23. Cleveland Browns — Those Saban-to-Cleveland rumors have Browns'
fans believing there really is a St. Nick.

24. Buffalo Bills — This was the year the Bills were supposed to be,
as GM Buddy Nix put it, "relevant." Anyone for another New Year's

25. New York Jets — Tim Tebow is the lucky one. He gets to get out.

26. Tennessee Titans — Owner Bud Adams wants to know what's wrong with
these guys. I call Jake Locker to the witness stand.

27. Arizona Cardinals — The Cardinals are accepting all suggestions
for a starting quarterback until midnight Saturday.

28. Detroit Lions — Since they started 5-0 last season, the Lions are
9-18, including the playoffs. Just sayin'.

29. Philadelphia Eagles — Consider this Michael Vick's audition for
his next job.

30. Oakland Raiders — Just lose, baby.

31. Jacksonville Jaguars — After what we just witnessed, it should be
Tebow Time.

32. Kansas City Chiefs — Now the question: Will K.C. Wolf be back?