Dean Blandino feels like he's become a bit of a target for Detroit Lions fans upset about their team's treatment by the NFL's officials and rulebook.

The Lions have certainly had their share of tough breaks over the years, from Calvin Johnson's non-catch to Jim Schwartz's illegal challenge. It's not that the calls were always wrong, it's just that the Lions have been victimized by obscure rules in crucial situations.

A couple weeks ago, they lost to Atlanta when a late touchdown was overturned by a review, and the game ended with an automatic runoff.

So Blandino, an analyst at Fox who used to be the league's officiating chief, finally attempted a peace offering to Detroit, listing all the things he likes about the city.


The Lions' Twitter account was skeptical.



But the bigger problem was that Blandino messed up the name of Vernors ginger ale, calling it Vernons.

That led to another video. (After further review ...)