Indianapolis Colts cornerback Vontae Davis had some veteran advice for safety Malik Hooker on Sunday.

Keep the ball.

Somehow after picking off Carson Palmer late in the first half of a 16-13 overtime loss, Hooker lost track of the prize that came with his first career interception.

“He forgot the ball, so I had to get on him,” said Davis, a two-time Pro Bowler. “I said, ‘Malik you got your first pick, you don’t ever leave your first ball.’ So he went back and got it.”

Davis may not exactly be practicing what he preaches to the letter.

Yes, he still has the ball from the first of his 22 career interceptions. But he’s not sure where it is.

“It’s at home somewhere,” he said, drawing laughter. “It’s in my archive.”

And it’s clear in his memory bank, too.

“It was against Buffalo,” he said. “It was a pick-six.”