Ric Flair at the WWE Hall of Fame Ceremony. (Don Feria/AP Images for WWE)

PHILADELPHIA -- Woooo! Ric Flair has championed the cause that Carson Wentz is The Man in Philadelphia.

The two-time WWE Hall of Fame wrestler has watched a lot of football in his recovery from August surgery that put "Naitch" on his death bed. Flair is a big sports fans and is often spotted rallying teams with his "Wooo!" call and other oft-quoted catchphrases.
Flair is a fan of the QB that has led the Eagles to the best record in the NFC.
"I've always liked the Eagles," Flair said. "I think Wentz is one of the top five QBs in the league right now. He's proven it. There's (Tom) Brady. Aaron Rodgers, when he's healthy. God, Wentz might be No. 3."
Flair has another connection to Philly sports this season. The Philadelphia Flyers give a handmade replica Flair wrestling robe to the player of the game to wear in the locker room.
Flair was touched by Wentz's connection with the family of Lukas Kusters. Kusters was diagnosed with stomach cancer at eight and bonded with Wentz before he died. Wentz plays with a green bracelet around his left wrist with the inscription, "The Dutch Destroyer," in honor of Kusters. Wentz gave a football to the family in Philadelphia's win over Washington on Monday night.
"You see what Carson Wentz did? He took the game ball over to the little boy's parents," Flair said. "I love that Wentz kid. I'm glad for those guys. I'm glad to see they're back."
Flair wanted to send a message to Wentz he was rooting for him.
"If you ever see Wentz, tell him I'm a big fan," Flair said. "I'm from Minnesota. Anybody from North Dakota is a good guy."