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The AP Pro32

Poll Release: Oct 9
(###) Number of first place votes
RankteamRecordPointsPV Rank
1Los Angeles Rams (12)5-03841
2Kansas City Chiefs5-03722
3New Orleans Saints4-13484
4New England Patriots3-23457
5Cincinnati Bengals4-13336
6Carolina Panthers3-13229
7Jacksonville Jaguars3-23063
8Chicago Bears3-12988
9Minnesota Vikings2-2-127714
10Baltimore Ravens3-22735
11Los Angeles Chargers3-226017
12Pittsburgh Steelers2-2-125019
13Tennessee Titans3-223410
14Green Bay Packers2-2-122811
15Philadelphia Eagles2-322112
16Cleveland Browns2-2-118723
17Miami Dolphins3-217615
18Washington Redskins2-217413
19Seattle Seahawks2-316918
20Detroit Lions2-316424
21Houston Texans2-315626
22Tampa Bay Buccaneers2-213122
23Dallas Cowboys2-313021
24New York Jets2-311429
25Denver Broncos2-310316
26Buffalo Bills2-39430
27Atlanta Falcons1-49220
28New York Giants1-46627
29Indianapolis Colts1-45025
30Arizona Cardinals1-43832
31Oakland Raiders1-42227
32San Francisco 49ers1-41931


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