Vic Beasley smiles Monday night in Houston. (AP Photo/Eric Gay)

Atlanta Falcons linebacker Vic Beasley sure hopes his victory over Martellus Bennett's New England Patriots on Madden 17 on Xbox One S is a good omen.

Beasley routed Bennett's Patriots 41-11 with so many big plays the linebacker celebrated at one point with a dab before kneeling down a couple times in an easy win. Beasley had too many interception returns for touchdowns that he couldn't remember if it was two or three, and he even pulled quarterback Matt Ryan for Matt Schaub in the second half.

"I was just trying to get a little feel for what we're going to try to do,'' Beasley said. 



Bennett defended himself, noting he was a big gamer when he was an NFL rookie. Being a father and husband keeps him too busy to play video games these days. Bennett said he would've won if the contest had been reading. 

"That was my first time playing on the new Xbox One (S),'' Bennett said. "I hadn't played Madden in like four years. And I was bad because I kept throwing the ball to myself.''
There's a chance Sunday in the Super Bowl 51 that Bennett might block Beasley, and the linebacker knows he better be ready. 
"I know he's going to try to get some revenge on Sunday,'' Beasley said.