Notre Dame offensive lineman Mike McGlinchey and Virginia defensive lineman Andrew Brown appear to be complete opposites.

But when they had a chance to join the same team, they jumped at the opportunity.

McGlinchey and Brown are two of the more than four dozen football players who are using this weekend’s workouts at the NFL’s annual scouting combine and their pro-day workouts to raise money for charity.

"A former teammate of mine is the representative for Uplifting Athletes at the University of Notre Dame and he texted me probably a month or two ago about the opportunity to do this and what their campaign was and I jumped on it right away," McGlinchey said. "This game gives you a platform and an opportunity to truly do some good in the world and anything I can do to help while I'm preparing (for the NFL) makes it easy."

McGlinchey represents Reps for Rare Diseases.

Brown’s charity was an easy one, too: Reps for Research, which goes to the Susan G. Koman Brest Cancer Foundation.

He was very young when his mother, Sonia Carter, was diagnosed with breast cancer. And even though she survived the cancer treatments, she died of heart problems that may have been related to the cancer in December 2007.

In the lead up to the combine, Brown said he had raised approximately $1,125. But donations tend to trickle in late, according to former Penn State football player Scott Shirley, the founder and CEO of Pledge It.

The company bills itself as the only performance-based crowdfunding platform.

Shirley said he has hosted fundraisers for Golden State Warriors guard Klay Thompson, Philadelphia Eagles defensive lineman Chris Long among others, and now he sees a broad avenue NFL prospects jumping in to sign up.

“We’ll probably have more guys using Pledge It than any (players’) agency,” he said.