(AP Photo/Teresa M. Walker)

The Tennessee Titans have spent another offseason putting money into their headquarters, and fans got to see the biggest changes outdoors Saturday at the first practice of training camp. 

Approximately 2,400 fans took advantage of expanded bleacher seating featuring retractable awnings for shade. For the first time, the Titans now have bleachers on three sides of their practice fields. The team also added a cooling station and free water for fans to better handle the Tennessee heat.


"Obviously, it's a much more comfortable environment, and it was fun to have them out here,'' coach Mike Mularkey said after practice. "I'd invite more people to come out, we have plenty of room." 

All the extra seating is only the latest project for the Titans. Tennessee also renovated the team headquarters to allow for an expansion of the training and weight rooms. Media were given a tour of the new rooms Friday while the Titans went through their conditioning tests outside. 


The building expansion also allowed the Titans to create an open-air media pavilion for post-practice interviews with Mularkey, keeping the coach out of the broiling sun or driving rain. 


This is the second year the Titans have renovated their practice facility, which the team moved into back in August 1999. Last year, Mularkey and first-year general manager Jon Robinson oversaw a renovation of the locker room. Mularkey said there's been a lot of change since he arrived as a tight ends coach in 2014 as the Titans try to update to be among the NFL's best facilities. 

"I'll be shocked to see if there's anything better than this,'' Mularkey said.

"(Controlling owner) Amy Adams Strunk has been very instrumental, very instrumental, in making sure it's gotten done. She has seen the vision that Jon and I have put in front of her and she's on board with it. I think the players respect that we are trying to do it right for them and make it one of the best facilities that they come to work in every day."