(Above, Cam Newton poses for a photo for a Super Bowl commercial with model Miranda Kerr. Photo by Chris Pizzello/Invision/AP)

Panthers quarterback Cam Newton isn’t about to share the secrets of his fashion style _ even with former Sports Illustrated cover model Brooklyn Decker.

Newton joked that nobody is touching his “sauce,” as he likes to call it.

The league’s MVP in 2015 turned some heads when he posted a photo of himself wearing a floral romper on Instagram earlier this spring. The fashion trend has since started to take off, according to People magazine. This week Decker, who grew up in the Charlotte area and is longtime diehard Panthers fans, inquired about where to get the outfit.

She tweeted “URGENT: Who makes Cam Newton's coachella romper, because I want it for myself. Panthers - can you help a girl out?

That’s when Panthers two-time All-Pro center and resident locker room jokester Ryan Kalil got involved. Kalil got Newton on video giving a cryptic response to Decker on where she can find the unique outfit that’s only sold in one store in Charlotte.
“OK, Miss Brooklyn, I hear that you’re trying to find the secrets for Cam’s sauce ... outfit,” Newton said in the video posted on Twitter. “Unfortunately, I can’t give you the directive of finding the actual outfit. ... Let’s just say I found it in a place in Charlotte that you may be hip to.”

Decker responded with a Tweet that she had found the store that sells the outfit and added that they’d be “twinning soon enough” with Newton. It’s unclear if Decker, who has also appeared in shoots for Elle, Vogue, GQ, Glamour, Esquire and Cosmopolitan, is seeking the outfit for herself or her tennis star husband Andy Roddick.