New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady took to Instagram on Wednesday to congratulate his parents on their 48th wedding anniversary.

Brady said before the Super Bowl in February that his mother, Galynn Brady, has been dealing with some undisclosed health issues. She didn't attend any games last season until the Super Bowl, when the Patriots rallied from a 25-point deficit to beat the Atlanta Falcons 34-28 in overtime.

"She's been through a lot," Brady said the day after the Super Bowl. "Way harder than I went through last night. Way harder than everyone on our team went through last night. My dad's been there every step of the way. They set such a great example for me.

"All families go through challenging times personally. But she has a lot of support and a lot of love. I'm just happy last night to be able to celebrate with her."



Brady did not join his teammates on Wednesday when the Super Bowl champions visited the White House to accept congratulations from President Donald Trump.

The White House said it was notified that Brady was dealing with a "personal family matter."