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You live. You learn. You move on. 

The name ``Josh McDaniels'' still evokes a certain reaction in Denver _ not a good one.

The man vilified by many in the Mile High City for bringing Tim Tebow _ and losing _ to the Broncos is now the mastermind of Bill Belichick's Super Bowl offense. 

During interviews this week, McDaniels conceded he was far from perfect during his time in Denver, which ended with his firing after only 28 games. 

``You make mistakes. There's no resentment,'' said McDaniels, whose Broncos got caught in a videotaping scandal while he was head coach. ``Everything that happened has made me a better assistant and has made us a better offense.''

His name surfaced when the lists of candidates for vacant head-coaching jobs came out at the end of the season. He interviewed with Atlanta and San Francisco.

Since then, he's been devising schemes that have helped New England move within one game of the title. 

He disputes the idea that the Patriots have been devious or breaking the rules with the different formations they've used in the playoffs _ involving bringing players wearing eligible numbers into the game but declaring them ineligible receivers. 

``We've huddled every time. We've reported every time, ineligible,'' he said. ``And once we did that, we broke the huddle, we lined up and we ran the play.''

Could he be bringing his brand of football to another team, any time soon? Odds are, he'll get a chance eventually. 

``This is such a great team and I've got such a great situatiion,'' he said. ``I'm going to have to think very, very hard before I pick up and leave here.'' 


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