Ballot and comments from AP Pro 32 panel voter Clifton Brown of
Sporting News:

Week 17

CLIFTON BROWN (Sporting News)

1. Seattle Seahawks — Nobody else is dominating opponents like the
Seahawks are right now.

2. Denver Broncos — Their 10-game winning streak makes them the team
to beat in the AFC.

3. New England Patriots — Tom Brady is as driven as ever to win
another Super Bowl.

4. San Francisco 49ers — Losing wide receiver Mario Manningham will
hurt their offense.

5. Atlanta Falcons — You can be skeptical about the playoffs, but
season has been superb.

6. Green Bay Packers — Last season they faded late. This season, they
could be peaking.

7. Cincinnati Bengals — Making playoffs and beating Steelers was huge
step for young team.

8. Baltimore Ravens — Their priority now is to get as healthy as they
can for playoffs.

9. Houston Texans — Their path to the Super Bowl would be helped if
they can clinch No. 1 seed.

10. Washington Redskins — If they can win a seventh straight game,
they will win NFC East.

11. Minnesota Vikings — Making the playoffs would help Adrian
Peterson's MVP chances.

12. Indianapolis Colts — Chuck Pagano is back to work, and his defense
needs his help.

13. Dallas Cowboys — Seems like it often comes down to Week 17 for
Tony Romo.

14. Chicago Bears — Lovie Smith may need a playoff berth to keep his

15. New York Giants — Another team that has discovered it's difficult
to repeat.

16. St. Louis Rams — Finishing about .500 would be a terrific first
season for Jeff Fisher.

17. Carolina Panthers — Cam Newton has come on, which should help Ron
Rivera keep job.

18. Miami Dolphins — This has been a valuable developmental rookie
year for Ryan Tannehill.

19. New Orleans Saints — They'd like to finish 8-8, after falling
short of expectations.

20. San Diego Chargers — The real action for this franchise will start
after Week 17.

21. Pittsburgh Steelers — Age, injuries, and inconsistent offense
could not be overcome.

22. Cleveland Browns — Doubt if Nick Saban is coming, but Pat Shurmur
could be going.

23. Tampa Bay Buccaneers — This team needs to break habit of coming
undone in December.

24. Detroit Lions — Calvin Johnson is one of the few Lions who didn't

25. Philadelphia Eagles — One last game together for Andy Reid and
Michael Vick.

26. New York Jets — If Tim Tebow writes another book, Rex Ryan will
not co-author.

27. Buffalo Bills — Ryan Fitzpatrick didn't pan out, and Chan Gailey
could be on way out.

28. Arizona Cardinals — Talk about a team having quarterback issues.
This is Exhibit A.

29. Oakland Raiders — If Dennis Allen returns as coach, he will have
plenty of work to do.

30. Jacksonville Jaguars — This could be Tebow's next stop, but they
have a long list of issues.

31. Tennessee Titans — Even their owner has trouble watching them play
an entire game.

32. Kansas City Chiefs — Here's something to look forward to. The
draft should be exciting.