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Texans coach O'Brien confirms Watt is out for the year

HOUSTON (AP) — Houston Texans coach Bill O'Brien confirmed Friday that star defensive end J.J. Watt will miss the rest of the season after back surgery.

The three-time NFL Defensive Player of the Year had surgery Thursday, a day after he was placed on injured reserve.

On Friday, O'Brien answered a simple "yes" when asked if Watt would miss the rest of the season.

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Raiders linebacker Cory James expecting better results

ALAMEDA, Calif. (AP) — Middle linebacker Cory James was so busy trying to stay on point with the rest of the Raiders defense last week that he wasn't able to fully enjoy his first NFL start.

Oakland's sixth-round pick expects to be a lot more comfortable his second time around when the Raiders play in Baltimore on Sunday.

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RankteamRecordPointsPV Rank
1New England Patriots (6)3-03771
1Denver Broncos (5)3-03773
3Minnesota Vikings (1)3-03605
4Philadelphia Eagles3-033315
5Green Bay Packers2-13269
6Seattle Seahawks2-131412
7Pittsburgh Steelers2-13061
7Baltimore Ravens3-030611
9Kansas City Chiefs2-128713
10Carolina Panthers1-22794
11New York Giants2-12428
12Houston Texans2-12407
13Arizona Cardinals1-22326
14Dallas Cowboys2-123017
14Cincinnati Bengals1-223010
16Oakland Raiders2-121516
17Atlanta Falcons2-120719
18New York Jets1-217514
19Los Angeles Rams2-116725
20Washington Redskins1-215127
21Buffalo Bills1-213030
22Indianapolis Colts1-212627
23San Diego Chargers1-211720
23Detroit Lions1-211721
25Tampa Bay Buccaneers1-210918
26Miami Dolphins1-29923
27Tennessee Titans1-28122
28San Francisco 49ers1-26624
29New Orleans Saints0-35826
30Jacksonville Jaguars0-33729
31Cleveland Browns0-32632
32Chicago Bears0-31631



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