Ballot and comments from AP Pro 32 panel voter Clifton Brown of
Sporting News:

Week 15

CLIFTON BROWN (Sporting News)

1. New England Patriots — No doubt they are the team to beat after
dismantling Texans.

2. San Francisco 49ers — Sunday night game against Patriots could be
Super Bowl preview.

3. New York Giants — David Wilson is the newest big-play weapon in a
potent attack.

4. Seattle Seahawks — It's not just about Russell Wilson. This team is
solid and physical.

5. Denver Broncos — Knowshon Moreno is running like he's back in
college at Georgia.

6. Houston Texans — The Texans should be concerned about their leaky

7. Baltimore Ravens — Can't blame Cam Cameron anymore. It's time for
Joe Flacco to deliver.

8. Atlanta Falcons — Has any 11-2 team every gotten as little respect?
Don't think so.

9. Washington Redskins — Alfred Morris is the latest back to love a
Mike Shanahan offense.

10. Cincinnati Bengals — Their season could come down to beating
Steelers in season finale.

11. Green Bay Packers — Packers have shown renewed commitment to
running game lately.

12. Chicago Bears — They're fading down the stretch for the second
consecutive season.

13. Indianapolis Colts — For such a young team, they play with
impressive poise.

14. Pittsburgh Steelers — Steelers have been inconsistent, but loss to
Chargers was shocker.

15. Dallas Cowboys — Can't say the Cowboys have stopped competing for
Jason Garrett.

16. Minnesota Vikings — Even when opponents load the box, Adrian
Peterson excels.

17. Tampa Bay Buccaneers — Momentum has been lost, and playoffs now
look unlikely for them.

18. Cleveland Browns — I'll say it again. Pat Shurmur is making a
strong case to keep his job.

19. St. Louis Rams — Jeff Fisher is showing why he was so coveted
during offseason.

20. Carolina Panthers — Cam Newton looks like he's starting to
blossom. That's crucial for franchise.

21. San Diego Chargers — They remain a tease under Norv Turner. Good
wins, baffling losses.

22. Miami Dolphins — They face key decisions on several players,
including Reggie Bush.

23. Detroit Lions — This team has flat-out underachieved. Lack of
discipline has hurt.

24. New Orleans Saints — We can stop waiting for the playoff run. It's
not going to happen.

25. New York Jets — Doubt if they make the playoffs. Who will they
beat if they get in?

26. Buffalo Bills — If players keep griping, you have to wonder if
Chan Gailey will stick.

27. Philadelphia Eagles — Playing out the string, but Nick Foles is
gaining experience.

28. Kansas City Chiefs — With Dwayne Bowe gone, the Chiefs' offense
really can get worse.

29. Arizona Cardinals — The Cardinals' season has disintegrated into a

30. Tennessee Titans — Jake Locker has not made the kind of progress
they had hoped.

31. Jacksonville Jaguars — Some teams should be glad the season is
almost over. This is one.

32. Oakland Raiders — Chiefs vs. Raiders in Week 15 won't be NFL
football at its finest.