Ballot and comments from AP Pro 32 panel voter Clark Judge of

Week 12


1. Houston Texans — So the Texans struggled vs. Jacksonville. They
keep winning. My only question is: Did they peak too soon?

2. Atlanta Falcons — Another unimpressive victory, but you know what I
like about this team? Even when it plays poorly it still wins.

3. San Francisco 49ers — Last time I checked Aldon Smith was still in
the Bears' huddle.

4. Baltimore Ravens — So now the Ravens lose Ed Reed for a week. So
what? These guys are last year's Texans, overcoming every obstacle
thrown in their path.

5. Green Bay Packers — They're hot, they're back in first and they're
beginning to look like a Super Bowl team waiting to happen.

6. Denver Broncos — Broncos may be most complete team in the AFC, even
without Willis McGahee. Remember, Peyton Manning took the Colts to a
Super Bowl with the 32nd-ranked running game.

7. New England Patriots — They score points like McDonald's makes
hamburgers. Still, that secondary makes me nervous.

8. Chicago Bears — Once upon a time I thought Philadelphia had the
worst pass protection. Then I watched Monday Night Football.

9. New Orleans Saints — It won five of its last six, and now nobody
wants to play the Saints. Make Joe Vitt front-runner for Interim Coach
of the Year.

10. Seattle Seahawks — Anyone notice that there's another rookie
quarterback out there who has six wins and his team in the middle of
the playoff picture?

11. New York Giants — It's that time of year again, only now Eli has
to prove Phil Simms wrong, too.

12. Pittsburgh Steelers — If I'm the Steelers, I consult Aaron Rodgers
to get Discount Double Checks for my quarterbacks.

13. Tampa Bay Buccaneers — The 1981 San Diego Chargers, the 1999 St.
Louis Rams, the 2007 New England Patriots and the 2012 Tampa Bay ...
OK, so they're not one of the NFL's greatest offenses. But they're a
lot better than they were.

14. Indianapolis Colts — So the Colts lost to Tom Brady. Big deal. It
happens. All they need to do is get three more wins, and the schedule
should help them.

15. Minnesota Vikings — When I look at the rest of the Vikings' games
I keep hearing the same words over and over: Look out below.

16. Dallas Cowboys — The good news: Four of the Cowboys' next five
games are home. The bad: The Cowboys just squeezed by Cleveland ...
without Joe Haden.

17. Cincinnati Bengals — Somewhere, A.J. Green is scoring another

18. Washington Redskins — RG3 must have missed the memo. He looks as
if he's playing for right now ... and he should. Anything is possible
in the NFC East.

19. Detroit Lions — Since starting 5-0 last season, the Lions are
9-13. Check, please.

20. Buffalo Bills — Yep, this is what one victory does for these guys.
They're not very good. But neither is the bottom of this list.

21. San Diego Chargers — The countdown is on, and it's not for the
playoffs. Good luck selling out those last four home games, guys.

22. Tennessee Titans — I don't know what to say about the Titans
except I can't wait for the next Bud Adams pronouncement.

23. Miami Dolphins — That sound you just heard was Ryan Tannehill
hitting the wall.

24. New York Jets — At least give them this: They're working better
than Bart Scott's media boycott.

25. St. Louis Rams — This is what I don't understand about these guys:
How in the world did they tie the 49ers?

26. Arizona Cardinals — The Cards aren't sure who their next
quarterback is, and I wonder: Where have I heard this before?

27. Philadelphia Eagles — Somewhere there's a retreat awaiting Andy
Reid. The guy deserves a year off after what he's been through.

28. Carolina Panthers — Great. Now we have Charles Johnson calling out
teammates. This, folks, is what it looks like when the bilge pumps
aren't working.

29. Oakland Raiders — That Black Hole in Oakland is not in the stands;
it's in the middle of the Raiders' defense. Mark Davis should be
"embarrassed" for the fans.

30. Cleveland Browns — We interrupt this week's coaches' meeting to
ask everyone to log everyone on to

31. Jacksonville Jaguars — The more I see of Chad Henne, the less I
believe in Blaine Gabbert.

32. Kansas City Chiefs — The one team that makes the Royals look