Ballot and comments from AP Pro 32 panel voter Clark Judge of

Week 15


1. New England Patriots — I believe in two things that deliver in
December: Santa Claus and the New England Patriots.

2. Denver Broncos — Let's see, the Broncos have defense, momentum and
Peyton Manning. Yep, I'd say that makes them Super Bowl worthy.

3. Atlanta Falcons — Enough already. Let's move on to the playoffs and
see if these guys can win a game.

4. San Francisco 49ers — Forget about suspending Brandon Jacobs. The
49ers should suspend the schedule. They next go to New England and
Seattle, where the home teams lose as often as it snows in San Diego.

5. Green Bay Packers — They're getting healthy. They've discovered the
run. And they have one of the most reliable quarterbacks in the
business. It's time to start fearing the Packers.

6. Houston Texans — The hope is that Monday's loss was a wake-up call.
If not, make it the beginning of the end to what once looked like a
promising season.

7. New York Giants — Good thing they play best when their backs are to
the wall because their backs are to the wall. Next up: Atlanta,
Baltimore and Philadelphia.

8. Indianapolis Colts — Bruce Arians+Andrew Luck = One helluva story.

9. Seattle Seahawks — Don't look now, but the Seahawks may be
positioning themselves for a run at the NFC West championship.

10. Baltimore Ravens — It's not the Ravens' offense that concerns me;
it's a defense that surrenders too many yards and too many points.

11. Washington Redskins — Now it's RG3's Physical Cliff that has
Washington concerned.

12. Dallas Cowboys — The Jay Ratliff-Jerry Jones episode proves the
Cowboys are determined to fight to the finish.

13. Pittsburgh Steelers — Ben Roethlisberger is back, but consistency
is not. These guys too often play up or down to the competition.

14. Minnesota Vikings — The more I see of Adrian Peterson the more I'd
recommend defenses use kryptonite instead of eight-man fronts.

15. Cincinnati Bengals — That last loss really hurt. Now the Bengals
have no margin for error, only they still have Baltimore and
Pittsburgh on the schedule. Bam-humbug.

16. Chicago Bears — Of course, Jay Cutler is suffering from whiplash.
That happens when you keep getting rear-ended by opponents.

17. St. Louis Rams — Have no fear, St. Louis; you'll get your return
on the RG3 deal soon enough.

18. Tampa Bay Buccaneers — Greg Schiano's next proposal is to
eliminate last-minute touchdowns by opponents.

19. New Orleans Saints — OK, so the Saints' defense stinks. I get
that. But what in the world is going on with Drew Brees?

20. Cleveland Browns — Finally, there's a pulse in Cleveland.
Unfortunately, someone forgot to tell the Browns the season started in

21. New York Jets — Please sit down before I tell you this: The New
York Jets ... are ... still ... alive ... for ... the ... playoffs.
That's what happens when you draw a second-half schedule of stiffs.

22. Miami Dolphins — Maybe the Dolphins should hire Ozzie Guillen to
liven up things.

23. San Diego Chargers — If only Norv Turner could coach the rest of
the season as he does in December.

24. Buffalo Bills — If you draw up a game plan to lose you probably
have C.J. Spiller touch the ball no more than eight times.

25. Carolina Panthers — Great, Cam Newton's a savior again. Now the
question: A savior of what? The Panthers are 4-9.

26. Detroit Lions — For those keeping score, since the Lions won their
first five last year they're 9-16, including the playoffs. Just

27. Philadelphia Eagles — So the Eagles cost themselves a couple of
draft spots with an unexpected win. They may have found a quarterback
in Nick Foles.

28. Tennessee Titans — Sure glad these guys canned Chris Palmer. That
seems to have straightened everything out.

29. Oakland Raiders — Just lose, baby.

30. Arizona Cardinals — Somewhere Jim Hart is telling the Cards he's
not interested in returning to football.

31. Kansas City Chiefs — Dwayne Bowe may be one of the lucky ones. Now
he can get off the S.S. Minnow and go home.

32. Jacksonville Jaguars — Tell me again why Mike Mularkey was such a
great hire.