Which dance do you prefer: Victor Cruz' touchdown salsa or Ray Lewis' game entrance squirrel?

Cruz breaks it down: "The Ray Lewis slide has a little more intensity, a little more swagger fire under it. The salsa is just for swagger, for flavor, a little bit, but it's two completely different joints."

Cruz did his interpretation of the Lewis dance and said he likes them both.

"It's unique to each other's character, each other's personality," he said.

Lewis might trade dance props for any holdover luck from Cruz' trip to the Super Bowl last year; the wide receiver won a title with New York.

Cruz said he plans to tweet during Sunday's game from his (at)teamvic account, about the game and the entertainment.

"I'm looking forward to Alicia Keys ... singing the national anthem, as well as Beyonce at half time," Cruz said. "I feel like they picked some good performers this year."

— Nekesa Mumbi Moody — http://twitter.com/nekesamumbi


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