Ballot and comments from AP Pro 32 panel voter John Lynch of Fox

Week 10

JOHN LYNCH (Fox Sports)

1. Atlanta Falcons — 8-0 now. The Falcons were tested by the Cowboys,
but showed that they have multiple weapons. Coupled with a red-hot QB,
they are going to be tough to stop.

2. Houston Texans — Coach Kubiak wants faster starts. They will need
it in their Sunday night showdown with Da Bears.

3. Chicago Bears — The Bears looked very complete in hammering the
Titans. Exciting brawl upcoming with the Texans Sunday night.

4. San Francisco 49ers — The 49ers rested with a bye week but have
looked dominant of late. A tough, physical, talented and well coached
football team.

5. Green Bay Packers — The Pack are banged up and get a bye week to
heel up. They will need it with stars like Clay Matthews and Greg
Jennings ailing.

6. New England Patriots — The Pats were dominant in London and get a
week off to enjoy it.

7. Denver Broncos — The Broncos are getting better as a team every
week. The same can be said for their QB and that has their opponents

8. Pittsburgh Steelers — The Steelers are playing real good ball. It's
more impressive as they have been banged up. Polamalu is on the mend.

9. New York Giants — My preseason No. 1's inconsistent play of late
has them dropping. I still believe this is a team that will challenge
for the Lombardi this season.

10. Baltimore Ravens — The Ravens defeated the improved Browns but
don't look as powerful as they did earlier this season.

11. Seattle Seahawks — Seattle continued its up and down season with a
hard fought win over the Adrian Peterson led Vikings.

12. Indianapolis Colts — The Colts are having a magical season,
inspired by the fight of their head coach Chuck Pagano and a rookie QB
who looks nothing like a rookie.

13. Miami Dolphins — The Dolphins fell short vs. the Colts but are an
impressive team.

14. Detroit Lions — An interesting team to watch. We all know they
have the talent. Can they play disciplined football? If so, they can
be dangerous.

15. Tampa Bay Buccaneers — Greg Schiano can lead and Greg Schiano can
coach. An offense led by RB Doug Martin and Josh Freeman has been the
most explosive in the NFL over the last four games. They have lost
some of their better players to injuries, but remain undaunted.

16. Dallas Cowboys — A tough draw for the Cowboys the last two weeks
with the Giants and the Falcons. This is a team capable of making a
run, but it has to start now.

17. Minnesota Vikings — A valiant effort from Adrian Peterson was
wasted in Seattle as they can't throw the football right now. A
defense that started the season playing great has forgotten how to

18. San Diego Chargers — The Chargers represent the week to week
nature of the NFL as last week everyone had Norv Turner done and now
they are on the Bronco's heels in the AFC West.

19. New Orleans Saints — They looked better on defense Monday night,
not to be confused with good. We all know what this offense can do.

20. Philadelphia Eagles — Problems persist in Philly. They were moving
the ball great in New Orleans, but turned it over and couldn't punch
it in and the defense has lost its mojo.

21. Cincinnati Bengals — The Bengals slide continues, but they gave
the surging Broncos a test on Sunday and looked better doing it.

22. Arizona Cardinals — The defense showed their mettle and made it
tough on Aaron Rogers and the Pack, but they don't have enough in the
tank right now to beat teams like the Packers.

23. Washington Redskins — The Redskins are reeling as their defense
doesn't have the horses and RG3 is showing he is human.

24. Oakland Raiders — The Raiders are one of the least penalized teams
in the NFL, but not so fast. The Bucs made the Raiders revert to their
old ways — undisciplined. They couldn't stop the run and too many
turnovers. The Raiders hope it was simply a blip on the radar.

25. New York Jets — The bye week can't fix the problems that are
ailing the Jets. A very inconsistent FB team.

26. St. Louis Rams — The Rams were "bloody" whipped by Sir Tom and the
Pats across the pond. They rested in their bye week and here come the

27. Buffalo Bills — The Bills battled tough vs. the Texans, but not
tough enough.

28. Carolina Panthers — The Panthers responded vs. the Redskins and
looked good in doing so. Now John Fox returns to Charlotte — with
Peyton Manning in tow — to face his old team.

29. Tennessee Titans — After being humiliated by the Bears, owner Bud
Adams says everyone's job is on the line.

30. Cleveland Browns — They are improving!

31. Jacksonville Jaguars — The Jags disappointed after looking good
vs. the Packers the week prior.

32. Kansas City Chiefs — A week later, the Chiefs are still not good!